Zirconium Crown

What is zirconium crown?

Dental and oral health is one of the most important issues in our life. People may be disturbed by the appearance and color of the teeth. With the advancement of technology, a solution has been found for these problems thanks to the zirconium crown. These crowns emerged as a result of aesthetic dental needs of patients. Zirconium crown is made by processing the material named zirconium used in tooth making in special furnaces after it is converted to zirconia ceramic instead of pure mineral state. Thanks to these crowns, a natural appearance is achieved compared to metal supported crowns. More durable monolithic zirconia crowns are also preferred in the posterior teeth.

How to make zirconium crown

Zirconium dental crown is applied in the same way as other crown types. The only difference between then is the material. This crown, which is frequently preferred today, is made by applying a porcelain crown on a metal called white zirconium.

What are the advantages of zirconium dental crown

This crown transmits more light than other metal-containing crowns. In this way, a dark color does not occur on the gums and the problems such as black color created by the porcelain teeth containing metal crown on the gums are not encouraged. At the same time, a natural tooth appearance is obtained with this crown. Zirconium crown are highly compatible with gums and people with these crown are less likely to have gum disease than those with metal.

Other advantages of zirconium dental crowns are that they are more durable and anti-allergic than other crowns, and those who use this crown have almost no hot or cold sensitivity. In addition, zirconium crown minimize discoloration in the teeth of people who smoke cigarettes, drink acidic beverages and consume colored food.

Why is the Zirconium Crown safe?

Zirconium substance does not damage tissues. Zirconium is a type of crown that meets all the needs that dentists and patients expect from a tooth crown, such as aesthetic, strength and naturalness. It has a strong structure and can be used on the back teeth. At the same time, the crown being white gives the teeth naturalness and can be preferred in the anterior teeth. Because of all these mentioned, zirconium crown gives patients the aesthetic and healthy smile they want. Thanks to technological developments, everyone can smile without hesitation.

Is Zirconium Crown harmful?

Zirconium fits natural teeth very easily and has no harm to human health. Recently preferred especially by patients who want to have dental aesthetic. However, since the zirconium crown is robust, it also provides high durability to the porcelain coated on this crown.

In what situations is it used?

In case the previously applied bleaching process is unsuccessful, one of the options applied is zirconium crown. In addition, zirconium crown can be applied to teeth, broken teeth and split teeth previously covered with metal-containing crown. If you do not like the appearance of your teeth in aesthetic sense, if there is skew, curvature or excessive wear on your teeth, one of the most appropriate treatment methods is zirconium crown.


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