* When the teeth are regularly exposed to the plaque, the hard mineral deposit that occurs on them is called a tooth stone.
* Tle plaque, which cannot be removed from the teeth, turns into a tooth stone over time.

What are the causes of tooth stone formation?
* The tooth stone (tartar) consists entirely of inadequate brushing. It is important to brush your teeth with the right technique.

Does the tooth stone make a smell in the mouth?
* Tartar does not make bad breath, but the ailments it causes very severe bad breath.

How to clean a tooth stone?
* Floss or toothbrush should be used and regularly brushed to prevent good oral hygiene and the formation of dental stones.
* You need to visit your dentist every six months oras often as recommended.

Diş taşı temizliği( Detertraj) dişlere zarar verir mi?
* Dental stone cleaning is not a process that damages your teeth.
* It’s the gums that really damage your teeth, and if they are nor cleaned, they cause gum disease that can lead to tooth loss.