* Flossing is not very common but is essential in oral care.

The importance of flossing?
* Tooth brushing cleans only 5/3 of the tooth surfaces.
* For this reason, floss should be used daily.

I’ve never cleaned my teeth before, is it to late?
* There’s no time to start flossing.
* Cleanin your dental ranges brings significiant benefits to your teeth and gums.

Does flossing damage the gums?
* Flossing doesn’t damage the gums, when used correctly.

What kind of floss should I use?
•It depends on your preferences, the amount of space in between your teeth.
* There are two types of floss.
* Nylon floss and PTFE floss.
* PTFE is common now

Is it better to floss before or after brushing?
* Regular flossing may also reduce gum disease and bad breath by removing plaque that forms along the gum line. It’s best to floss before brushing your teeth.

Is floss reused?
* No, we recommend using all floss types once.