* Tooth abscesses are the body’s reaction’s to bacteria.
* It caused by the build up of bacterial infections that occured in the teeth or gums.

What is the most important reason for the formation the abscesses?
* The most important factor in the formation of tooth abscesses is neglect of oral and dental care.

What are the most obivous features of tooth abscess?
* Constant throbbing and severe pain the teeth
* Extreme sensitive to temperature
* Swelling of the face and cheeks
* Increased fever

What are the types of tooth abscesses?
* There are two types:
* These species are cold and hot abscesses
– The most important feature of cold one is that they put jaw health at risk.
– The biggest symptom of hot abscesses is the sudden rise of fever

How the treath tooth abscesses?
* Today, first of all removing the infection has become the priority of out dentists.
* For this purpose, antibiotic applications are used.
* Therefore, bacteria should be cleaned in the mouth.
* In addition, root canal treatment can also be performed.
* Pulling the tooth is the most traditional and familiar method.