Root Treatment (Canal Treatment)

Why Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) is performed?

  • Deep caries in the tooth
  • Repetition of caries under previous fillings and coatings
  • Although the teeth are filled or covered with crowns, due to the patient’s pain relief
  • Due to pulp damage that may occur in the tooth during gingival operations
  • Due to advanced gum disease
  • As a result of involuntary movements such as the person’s chewing habits or bruxism, the tooth extracts called pulp are damaged
  • In the treatment of crooked teeth with dentures.

How to apply root canal treatment?

Before the canal treatment is done, the dentist analyzes the condition of the tooth and identifies the problem and informs the patient about the procedure to be performed. The first stage of the canal treatment is to numb the area where the treatment is performed so that the patient does not  feel pain. If there is filling in the teeth to be treated after, these are removed. If there are caries in the tooth, these are removed and the bacteria that form inside the tooth and the nerve tissue are precisely removed with special canal treatment tools. Wastes and toxins are then removed.

After these processes, the nerve and vascular tissues in the root canal are cleaned with help of fine tools. Disinfectants are used to keep tooth root clean during this process. Removal of the impaired pulp structure is necessary to avoid in the tooth and surrounding tissues. If not removed, the tooth may be lost. Dental x-ray should be done in order to be able to apply the correct treatment in the root canal treatment and to reach the tip of the root. Pregnant women are dressed in lead aprons, and x-ray are taken. The dentist expands and reshapes the duct after procedures for treatment. Finally after all procedures are completed, the treatment plan is drawn up and how many sessions of treatment will be determined.

What should be done after canal treatment?

After treatment, slight tingling, pain and tenderness may be felt in the tooth. This is normal and temporary. In some cases, painkillers may be taken, but this should be reported to the dentist. The dentist needs to continue normal oral care. Root canal treatment is not an operation that affects a person’s life and creates a danger in oral health. It takes up to two years for teeth to be healed, especially if canal treatment has been previously applied. Therefore, patients should have their controls checked regularly. In these regular checks, x-ray are shot and recovery is followed. Patients should use their treated teeth carefully. In addition, the canal treatment treated teeth become fragile and if the loss of substance in the treated tooth after treatment is more than 55%, these teeth are recommended to be coated.


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