Pedodontics is a dental branch that deals with children from birth to 13 years old. The upper limit can be 16 years old. In pediatric dentistry, measures to protect the teeth are in the first plan.

The main purpose of pediatric dentistry is to prevent problems that may occur at a later age and to ensure that children develop with healthy teeth.

Pedodontics not only protects the teeth of babies and children, but also monitors the development of the jaw region.

Why is pedodontics important?

In order to have healthy teeth in adulthood, a good oral care education should be taken at a young age. Getting into habit of oral and dental health education starts at a very young age. For this reason, oral care trainings should be given at a young age. As a result, dentists must be in constant contact with the family.

Some methods applied by the dentist about children:

1)Healthy eating habits

2)Gives information about oral care to parents and children

3)Provides education to prevent early childhood tooth decay


5)Tooth extraction

6)Treatment of hereditary problems


8)Gum disease treatment


Children should go to dentist on their first birthday. At the same time, children’s teeth should be brushed in the morning and evening with the help of parents. Babies should not be put to sleep after breastfeeding. Sugar in milk due to breastfeeding can also lead to tooth decay in babies’ teeth. Therefore, their teeth should be brushed or wiped with a wet cloth before bedtime.

Babies should not be forced to finish food. This can cause babies to vomit and get food into the respiratory tract. If your child is feeding with a bottle, you should not touch the bottle to measure the temperature of the food. Because bacteria in your mouth can be transferred. When babies are one year old you should stop breastfeeding and bottle feeding and liquid food in a glass.

The importance of milk teeth

Milk teeth total 20. The first task of milk teeth is to ensure that the child is fed. In addition, proper development of speech depends on milk teeth. Milk teeth protect the place for the teeth that will come after them. If milk teeth are pulled out early, they lose their ability to protect this place. The primary purpose of pediatric dentistry is to prevent dental problems.


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