Oral and Dental Care

Oral and Dental Care

The most important factor in dental care is to brush the teeth correctly.  A correct toothbrush should be chosen for proper brushing.  A suitable toothbrush should be medium hard and the brush head should be small.

The small brush head provides easier access to the back teeth, thus reducing the feeling of nausea.

In the choice of toothpaste, we should be careful that it contains fluoride.

Carbonate is also a product preferred by people.  Abrasives in carbonate are also big and there is a risk of scratching the tooth enamel.  Therefore, it is not suitable for daily use.

How to brush teeth

Teeth should be brushed without wetting the toothbrush.  Lentil-sized toothpaste is sufficient. The teeth should be brushed from the back teeth and the brush should be placed in the gum-tooth joint at a 45 degree angle and 5 times back and forth without leaving the bristles of the brush and sweeping should be done on the lower jaw upwards and downwards on the upper ones. This 5 times back and forth motion and then sweeping should be done 5 times in total. Not only the front but also the back of the teeth should be brushed.  The back of the front teeth should be brushed by holding the brush straight.  As the last step, the chewing faces of the teeth should be cleaned by counting from 1 to 10 with back and forth movements.

In order to brush successfully, you should use a toothbrush recommended by your dentist.  It is also important to use the brush dry. Saliva in the mouth will be enough for the paste to foam.  The use of too much paste leads to the termination of the brushing process before the teeth are fully cleaned, as it will increase the freshness in the mouth. This prevents the teeth from cleaning effectively.  Brushing should not be done in a horizontal direction. Horizontal brushing erodes the tooth enamel, increases sensitivity, causes discoloration in the teeth, and leads to recession of the gums.  Wedge-shaped defects occur in advanced patients. In other words, if the toothbrush is used incorrectly, it erodes the enamel of the tooth, which is the hardest tissue of the body.

After brushing, the interfaces that the brush cannot clean should be cleaned one by one with dental floss.  When using dental floss, it is placed between the gum and the tooth with “C” shaped movements without cutting the contact of the floss with the tooth.  Care should be taken not to damage the gums while performing this procedure.

The last stage of oral care is brushing the tongue.  Research has shown that the cause of bad breath is bacteria that accumulate on the tongue. For this, it is very important to brush the tongue while brushing the teeth.  It is possible to clean the tongue with the help of a toothbrush.  There are also special tongue brushes. It is necessary to clean the brush from the back of the tongue without pressing it towards the front part, by sweeping.  It is very important to clean the tongue without bleeding.

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