Mouth Yoga


If you have headache and jaw pain when you wake up in the morning and you think you are clenching your teeth while you sleep at night, and if people around you say you are grinding your teeth, there are some exercises that will prevent you from clenching your teeth.

In bruxism, our most active masticatory muscles are masseter and temporalis muscles. To find out where these muscles are located, the teeth must first be clenched.  Hands should be taken from the chin to the level of the eyes (temple), on both sides of the face.  If you feel stiff when you move your hands in this direction, these two muscles have been found.

Exercise 1

Under the skin, there is a structure called fascia located close to the surface.  Relaxation of the fascia provides increased circulation and relief of the aching area. There is no need for very difficult techniques for the fascia to loosen.  Put both hands on the chewing muscles in the chin area and gently apply pressure so that it is not too harsh up to eye level.  This massage can be repeated 5 times a day.

Exercise 2

It is an exercise that should be done after the structure called fascia is relaxed.  Both hands are placed in the jaw area, the teeth are tightened and a moderate pressure is applied to the area where too much hardness is felt for 5 seconds.  Then that region is released.  This exercise can be repeated 5 times a day.

These two exercises provide relaxation of chewing muscles and increase blood circulation in the face area.

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