Dental Bleaching

The most popular subject of aesthetic dentistry is tooth whitening. Tooth discolorations especially in anterior teeth disturb the patient. Whitening method with gel technique is widely used today.

The whiteness of the teeth in adult people should be the same as the white color of the eye but today teeth lose their whiteness for many reasons. Dental Bleaching is the name given to the procedure on tooth enamel to regain the original white color of tooth.

Why do the teeth lose their white color?

There can be many reasons why teeth lose their color. Some of these factors are smoking, excessive coffee and tea consumption, frequent consumption of colored drinks and consumption of antibiotics.

How to apply teeth whitening

Tooth whitening process varies between one or more sessions depending on the person. Some foods and beverages should not be consumed in order to prevent the teeth from being damaged during the process. For this process, patients‘ tooth stones are cleaned first. A gel is then prepared and applied on the teeth and then the reaction of the gel is accelerated with the help of a light. It is a sought-after feature that the light sources used damage the teeth and do not get hot. Another method is called home bleaching. The whitening gel, which usually contains carbamide peroxide, is applied by the patient herself with a soft plate prepared on personalized models. Studies have shown that what is done at home is more successful. In the clinic method, the whitening gel containing carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth in a controlled manner by the doctor. This method gives faster results than the home bleaching method. If the patient starts whitening in the clinic and continues at home, more successful results will be obtained.

Is teeth whitening applied to everyone?

Teeth are made up of many layers and the layer at the top that is cleaned when we brush the teeth is called tooth enamel. Gels used to whiten teeth are also made from substances that will not damage tooth enamel. However, the dentin layer may be damaged by cracks in the enamel, that is it must be done under the supervision of a doctor. Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women and teens under the age of 18.

Points to be considered with the whitening process

The consumption of food and beverages that cause tooth staining during and after whitening should be stopped. This should be done to keep the teeth white longer. In addition, brushing and flossing should be continued regularly.


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