Denta Health and Nutrition

Oral and dental health is one of the indicators of good nutrition.  Studies say that there are many factors that affect the health of teeth.  One of these factors is nutrition.  Weight control and nutritional advice are the same as those for dental health, and this once again shows how important proper nutrition is.

Things to pay attention:

  • Hard-shelled fruits such as apples and carrots should not be bitten and should be eaten chopped into small pieces.
  • Chips and popcorn should never be consumed, if the person eats, they should brush their teeth immediately.
  • Hard foods should be eaten as small bites and damage to the gums should be avoided.
  • A poor diet and malnutrition also increase tooth loss.  Therefore, foods rich in phosphorus and calcium should be consumed.

Cheese, for example, does this very well.  Cheese is a nutrient-rich food in many ways.  Energy value is high.  It is also rich in protein, calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B2.  Cheese is more easily digested than milk and the fat content of cheese varies according to its type. Another mineral important for our body is phosphorus.  Approximately 75-80% of the phosphorus in our body is in bones and teeth.  Milk is a very rich food in terms of phosphorus.  For this reason, cheese is considered a source for phosphorus.  Phosphorus works with calcium in the formation of bones and teeth.  Therefore, cheese with these two minerals is a good choice in nutrition. 

Cheese provide many benefits for teeth.  Cheese firstly helps to adjust the pH balance of your mouth and is a good preservative for the teeth. It also helps prevent the formation of a new caries in the teeth.  Cheese to be eaten before or after eating increases the production of saliva in the mouth.  This removes food residue that causes caries and helps neutralize harmful acids.Especially sugary and acidic foods cannot be easily cleaned because they remain on the teeth and this is very unfavorable for dental health.  Therefore, it is recommended not to consume.

As a result of researches, eating a piece of cheese creates a protective effect on tooth enamel and protects it against acids that cause caries.  Foodstuffs such as biscuits, sugar, chocolate, cola are substances that remain on the teeth and form acids. For this, they are shown as the cause of today’s increase in tooth caries.  Teeth should be brushed immediately after consuming sugary, sticky foods, if not possible, rinse the mouth with water or drink a glass of water. A piece of cheese that can be eaten after eating sugary food is very important in terms of eliminating the tooth caries effect of sugar.  In terms of its importance in dental health, cheese is highly recommended, especially after consumption of sugary foods.

In addition to strengthening the teeth, gums and jawbone, many foods other than cheese are used to neutralize the mouth and control the flow of saliva.  It also indirectly benefits cleaning the teeth. For example;  green tea, yogurt, kiwi, parsley, apple, strawberry, celery, etc.  These foodstuffs are supportive for our oral and dental health as well as oral hygiene.

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