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What Is Tooth Clenching/Grinding (Bruxism)?

1 March 2021

  It is the clenching of the teeth or grinding of the teeth while sleeping. Clenching is usually of neurological or dental origin. Teeth grinding and squeezing caused by the activity of chewing muscles throughout the day or only at night is scientifically defined as bruxism. People with tooth clenching disease have 3 times more muscle activity than other people. What Are The Causes of Tooth Clenching (Bruxism)? Some of the causes of...

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Differences Between Zirconium E-Max

10 February 2021

The main difference is due to the material used in the material of the two coatings. Therefore, its properties are also different. Less abrasion than teeth is sufficient in E-max applications. E-max application requires more technical precision. In addition, while there are many clinics that apply zirconium, the number of clinics and laboratories applying E-max is less. Zirconium coating usually has a white and opaque structure. E-max is all glass...

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3 February 2021

  Gingival bleeding is not only a symptom of diseases in the gums, but can also occur as a result of other health problems. It may occur as a result of the patient brushing her/his teeth hard or using her prostheses incorrectly. In addition to these, bleeding gums can be a symptom of leukemia, platelet deficiency or vitamin deficiency. This type of disease causes gingivitis more easily. Patients with this problem should definitely consult a...

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Snoring and Sleep Apnea

12 October 2020

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Snoring is defined as the noisy sound that occurs when the air passes through the throat during breathing and vibrates the surrounding soft tissues. Sleep apnea means stopping breathing during sleep. It is seen in 4 percent of young males, while it can be seen in 28 percent of males over 60 years old. Short, fat-bellied and short-necked men are at risk. Problems such as large tongue, sagging soft palate, long small tongue,...

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1 March 2020

    Botox has been used in dentistry for more than 10 years. It is a non-surgical treatment method used since 2002 for wrinkles on the face. Clostridium Botulinum is a natural and purified protein that falls between bacteria. It was first used in the treatment of strabismus in 1981. Botox has been approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) 30 years ago and is widely used all over the world. It is applied in very small doses...

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