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What Is Tooth Stone / Tartar ?

4 May 2021

* When the teeth are regularly exposed to the plaque, the hard mineral deposit that occurs on them is called a tooth stone. * Tle plaque, which cannot be removed from the teeth, turns into a tooth stone over time. What are the causes of tooth stone formation? * The tooth stone (tartar) consists entirely of inadequate brushing. It is important to brush your teeth with the right technique. Does the tooth stone make a smell in the mouth? *...

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What Is Floss ?

4 May 2021

* Flossing is not very common but is essential in oral care. The importance of flossing? * Tooth brushing cleans only 5/3 of the tooth surfaces. * For this reason, floss should be used daily. I've never cleaned my teeth before, is it to late? * There's no time to start flossing. * Cleanin your dental ranges brings significiant benefits to your teeth and gums. Does flossing damage the gums? * Flossing doesn't damage the gums, when used...

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What Is Dental Abscess?

2 May 2021

* Tooth abscesses are the body's reaction's to bacteria. * It caused by the build up of bacterial infections that occured in the teeth or gums. What is the most important reason for the formation the abscesses? * The most important factor in the formation of tooth abscesses is neglect of oral and dental care. What are the most obivous features of tooth abscess? * Constant throbbing and severe pain the teeth * Extreme sensitive to...

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Aesthetic Dentistry

9 April 2021

    The word aesthetics comes from the word anesthesia, which means emotions and emotionality in Greek. It also means appreciating the beautiful.   All human emotions are somehow related to beauty. Aesthetic dentistry increases the natural beauty of the mouth and face area. Today, thanks to technological developments in aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry, it is possible to improve the smile of the patient both with healthy and...

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Dental Bleaching

15 March 2021

Dental Bleaching   White and healthy teeth are very important among people. Going to dentists to have an aesthetic smile is a topic that has come up frequently lately. In addition Teeth whitening is the removal of discolorations on the surfaces of teeth with tooth whitening gels.   Why Should I Whiten My Teeth?   Healthy and beautiful looking teeth is an important issue for everyone.  Coloration of teeth for many reasons...

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What Is Tooth Clenching/Grinding (Bruxism)?

1 March 2021

  It is the clenching of the teeth or grinding of the teeth while sleeping. Clenching is usually of neurological or dental origin. Teeth grinding and squeezing caused by the activity of chewing muscles throughout the day or only at night is scientifically defined as bruxism. People with tooth clenching disease have 3 times more muscle activity than other people. What Are The Causes of Tooth Clenching (Bruxism)? Some of the causes of...

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What Improves Toothache?

17 February 2021

    Toothache can adversely affect a person's life. These pains can have many causes. When the patient starts to feel pain in the teeth, The patient should be examined by a dentist. Toothache that is not taken precautionary can cause bigger problems.   The methods that the dentist decides to apply after finding the cause of the pain may vary. For hot and cold sensitivity in teeth, toothpastes that will eliminate sensitivity may...

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Differences Between Zirconium E-Max

10 February 2021

The main difference is due to the material used in the material of the two coatings. Therefore, its properties are also different. Less abrasion than teeth is sufficient in E-max applications. E-max application requires more technical precision. In addition, while there are many clinics that apply zirconium, the number of clinics and laboratories applying E-max is less. Zirconium coating usually has a white and opaque structure. E-max is all glass...

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Bad Breath

8 February 2021

Bad Breath Bad breath is an embarrassing problem for people. While products such as sugar, chewing gum and mouthwash are to address this problem, they do not provide a permanent solution. There can be many causes of bad breath problems. Food and improper oral care can cause these. If it is not caused by foods or poor oral hygiene, there may be a different medical underlying cause of this problem. Many people today complain of bad breath. Even if the...

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3 February 2021

  Gingival bleeding is not only a symptom of diseases in the gums, but can also occur as a result of other health problems. It may occur as a result of the patient brushing her/his teeth hard or using her prostheses incorrectly. In addition to these, bleeding gums can be a symptom of leukemia, platelet deficiency or vitamin deficiency. This type of disease causes gingivitis more easily. Patients with this problem should definitely consult a...

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