Aesthetic Inlay-Onlay Fillings

It has been developed to eliminate the disadvantages of porcelain inlay and onlay fillings, composite fillings and amalgam fillings. Inlay and onlay fillings give an aesthetic appearance when applied. However, there is a small shrinkage during the construction of composite fillings. On the other hand, amalgam fillings are not preferred because they do not give an aesthetic appearance. For this reason, porcelain fillings are preferred more. Inlay and onlay are, in some cases, a form of treatment between filling and tooth coating. They are used when there is not enough tooth structure to support the filling and if the tooth is not damaged enough to be covered with crowns.

What is the Inlay-Onlay?

When it comes to aesthetic tooth filling, first, inlay and onlay fillings come to mind. Onlay filler has a wider application area than inlay filler. Inlay fillings are more like fillings. They are applied between the hills called tubercles on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. On the other hand onlay fillings are applied to cover one or more tubercles.

Standard fillings should not be preferred if more than half of the tooth surface is lost due to caries and trauma. If the coating for such teeth is considered, the natural tooth structure is cut unnecessarily. In such cases, inlay and onlay fillings are the best choice.

How to apply Inlay and Onlay fillings?

Cavity is prepared after cleaning the caries in teeth and the size of the tooth is taken. The fillings is prepared with state-of-the-art instruments in a sterile laboratory environment according to the size taken from the tooth.

What are the advantages of Inlay and Onlay fillers?

1-No unnecessary treatment is performed on the teeth and the dental tissue is protected to the maximum.

2-Resistant to pressures during chewing

3-It is the same color as the tooth and unnoticeable to the eye. This is because porcelain materials are used, and these materials reflect light well. In this way, natural teeth gain an aesthetic appearance.

4-No coloration as it is made of porcelain materials

5-The life of Inlay and Onlay fillings is longer than other fillings.

6-According to time and use, there is no abrasion nand breakage.

7-Food waste does not stick and they are hygienic since porcelain surfaces are polished.

8-After filling, there is no hot and cold sensitivity and they do not decay again.

9-Perfectly adapts to the dental cavity with the measurements taken on the tooth.

10-There is no edge leakage since a special bonding technique is used.


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